Sometimes lacke…

Sometimes lacked path society.

Sometimes I like being equal to people and sometimes i also like going solo. One thing i know for sure no matter what side of town I wish i wer’e on there is always still a reason for everything. Sometime I wish i wer’e the owl in the tree trunks the old man in the mountains looking down at the world below the vulgar crowd,the so-called hillbilly population with the downtown feel and a possible equalivelent view of  them to me  as i to them. Some speak to me of journalism with a strong excitement in me entill i realize I don’t beileve in newspapers i don’t follow the facts or the value of telling the truth.

Sometimes I speak to myself I never believed in morals or ethics even when i am fully aware it is not my true motive. Sometimes we go thru fazes of good and bad value. For me here is no such thing as right,wrong and normal. Whatever happened to the social acceptence of Decorated donut shops,or inventive  email names. I never once spoke for Economic text books or federal agents and all forms of airport security. I felt ambivilence over programmed mentors. and all forms of regulated authority until I realize what is alwaysr safe is never equal to the ideal life.


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