Painful inorder…

Painful inorder of success.

It is always good to do and decide by what you feel but sometimes it is also good to push yourself beyond the boundries of limitation.

inorder to reach this higher source of brain power this hiatus thought with a yerning strength of mine. Not just a Strength to use but a strength to breathe in, to create,express,and share. Going to sleep at night is personally a time to write,a time to think,a time to look out the window of by bedroom with a view of what I can do better. To see not what i can dwell on. But what i can progress,and even improve,or exprirement with and prevent from reflecting with a possible negative effect years later, and expriment with. Life is hard I say not just for me individually but even for the ones ho it seems like it is never hard for. You know, the athletes and  movie stars you love.



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