Voice’s human …

Voice’s human battle with Acceptence.

Now this is it My time has come my train has arrived. It is ready to carry me and this heavy brief case away. With all my belonings of Sorrow and poverty such as my Ego,or my emotions,desire these are all the things that get me toward my goals you know my long-term goals that I have been striving to reach toward for so long.

At one time i might feel pain whither I am complete or not. I will probaly feel happy once i am they say. Why is there such a thing as universities and colleges or blacks and whites, or even productors and consumers How come we can’t all be one, Be equal is what I say. But however i sometimes also feel happy to follow the philosphy of choosing to be with the crowd i bond with.

But for the most part i think i get away and along with following both worldviews but at diffirent times.

85 Percent in the brain says i should help the ones who have less.ut another 25 percent of it beats for me to go choose the crowd that has more as in more attention wth could also mean more of a voice.

A voice that speaks A voice that feels Avoice with the desire to want to be seen or heard of just like the vulgar in your favorite Fan magizine,coka cola advertisement or early morning paper.

the truth is personally that overall even when we are agressively solitary it is still okay some how despite how much of the exagerated will say what they say But i don’t care because life is a beutiful thing. All the gossiping and chit chat behin one aothers back that does not matter to me i play by my own book long as we never get our bare hands on someone without their permission.














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