Uncle Jeeves

Uncle JeevesTree Branch,shells,seaweed whalestooth,a rock and then of course fresh ocean water. These are all the tools that I need in order to hold on to all the things that i need to survive. Well, you know, things like poetry, Art, gifts, and weaknesses. The way I perceive the power is for the use of what I am excited about that is also no longer alive.
But I sent it great to own the feeling of owning something that is alive in your mind and heart or even that is to say my body.

In other words what am really trying to Articulate is the feeling of the world around you going black as it strikes alive within you.

This is not just a blessing but just simple language of expression. This goes directly out to Uncle Jeeves himself who lives within us all whether he is servant within everyone’s presence or only the one individual which would be me.


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