Mindful Coldness at the Cross roads.

One that I realize now that I have given it some thought is that I do want to be productive without playing by a system but a life that includes travel and party with friends or helping others thru the use of that I wish could matter to all.

I personally also believe that life can be like this any way I want even with reading and writing poetry. I also believe that I can hang out with weekend friends or live the spoiled summer All year around and still be successful without my favorite word of all time, marketing.

I really love how competitive things can get whenever you workout wIth the authority of the ones who love you. They try to tell you to read more and to what and what not to read or what you should when are ver the age of 20. I could never give up soccer I don’t care about studying history,reading text books of all sort. I just want
To simplify my life in what may or be not the ground of soliide.


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