Possible Hints of Afectionate loss.

I do not understand how come there is no way for me to be able to see her while at the same time keep busy . If only I could get thru to her some how despite her trouble with mom and dad leashing her from making new friends,developing relationships. I personally don’t want to just be her friend but to actually care for her and even climb many miles with her if only she weren’t morally licensed to answer to Family Authority.

. Isn’t it funny how most young Self determined ladies are always going to have Domonating mothers. There is no Broadway to love the way that all minds think so. What a beutiful face and mind that shows a great deal of innocence. Innoence that speaks and even comminicates non-verbally to me what I give right back to her.









But what about me don’t I also deserve some respect? in return which are all the basic values that matter. Why is it the parents all the time. Moderation Moderation. has the whole world gone mad   Love,friendship,sinsearity and all the following underused tools that are available to be sucessful to me,her and for others.





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