Possible Hints of Afectionate loss.

I do not understand how come there is no way for me to be able to see her while at the same time keep busy . If only I could get thru to her some how despite her trouble with mom and dad leashing her from making new friends,developing relationships. I personally don’t want to just be her friend but to actually care for her and even climb many miles with her if only she weren’t morally licensed to answer to Family Authority.

. Isn’t it funny how most young Self determined ladies are always going to have Domonating mothers. There is no Broadway to love the way that all minds think so. What a beutiful face and mind that shows a great deal of innocence. Innoence that speaks and even comminicates non-verbally to me what I give right back to her.









But what about me don’t I also deserve some respect? in return which are all the basic values that matter. Why is it the parents all the time. Moderation Moderation. has the whole world gone mad   Love,friendship,sinsearity and all the following underused tools that are available to be sucessful to me,her and for others.




Mindful Coldness at the Cross roads.

One that I realize now that I have given it some thought is that I do want to be productive without playing by a system but a life that includes travel and party with friends or helping others thru the use of that I wish could matter to all.

I personally also believe that life can be like this any way I want even with reading and writing poetry. I also believe that I can hang out with weekend friends or live the spoiled summer All year around and still be successful without my favorite word of all time, marketing.

I really love how competitive things can get whenever you workout wIth the authority of the ones who love you. They try to tell you to read more and to what and what not to read or what you should when are ver the age of 20. I could never give up soccer I don’t care about studying history,reading text books of all sort. I just want
To simplify my life in what may or be not the ground of soliide.

Generalized apocryphal.

Its good to be alive in the heart of smart people but sometimes with the ones who generalize and try to one mindedly clean up what could be a massive storm in your life. For instance your Mom.

Are you listening?

Where in the world is people touch with just the appropriate framework. The grip that makes you hold on that heart of specification of what represent the social duties of communication which are to be followed.

Are you listening?

What I am saying may sound arbitrary but without any advocating,any hint of communicating your thoughts and feelings how else can this conversation rmake a Difference.

Are you listening?

Excell socializing.

Do you really honestly think that it is necesary to stay here forever. I really dont need to be wity you intelects of life i want to be like the bitter the ones who don’t want to think about today’s papers,like  the ones who believe in god not excactly religon but spirituality.  I am speaking of the ghost world or bragging rap.

You go on with all of your commmunity-like events but as for me i practice my own way of community using everything from Middle English to revived messaging,birdwatching,or searching for the nothern lights.

How come News reports have to be more important than the lost art of letter writing that’s communicating too. Or even hiking thru the woods colllecting mushroom spurs or  being an island kid making sand castles on the beach. That is my own syle of making new friends. Its funny isent it how whenever you stand upon a ground of solitude you  still want to  identify with a certain crowd. But even the janitor of dreams tells us that each induvidual lives by their own language.