Anxious 60 degrees Thoughts.



Sincerest of Beauties.




The writing above the picture is is a Title of this poem is for my Dear friend Elizabeth who is also the woman in the Focus of this image.




All the great water-color beauty of a living thing that runs thru a person. This imagery in which I meditate or breathe and sleep on at night.

This imagery in my mind in which i gaze upon with such focus and curiosity,Happy tears as one can say.

Why should we give in and not follow our own instincts wouldnt life be better with this Golden way of living. No system,No money,no broad mouths. But instead our own personal visions of staying alive. For me a smile with such positive alarm i say. Red hair,shiny teeth,non verbally it shows. Love,comfort,support. Enhusatic effort to feel and be alive.

Whenever i have an excuse to dwell in a Dream state i see innocence not just any kind but little girl innocence which stays with me day to day drifting in my mind with a concusiousness so deep.
Please no more rules or codes or Authoritarian nonsense When i look at this photograph for a safety theres a smile. When i close my eyes I think of what I am spotting in a distance so far away but not strength when my hand reaches out there is no longer any Beuaty but solitude thanks to ,incognito telephone announcements and elietrate Authority,misuse of power.